ITyukt Digital Solutions

ITyukt Digital Solutions

About Us

Consulting and Advisory Services

Digital transformation

  • 5G for Enterprise (5G@Ent) : We provide simple and relevant industry specific insights of 5G use cases for your company. We work with you to create strategies and business models to monetize the 5G capabilities. We help you choose the right technology partners to transform your Enterprise network to improve the agility & reliability of the digital transformation agenda of your company. 
  • Digital Transformation Business Consulting (DT@Biz) : As you embark on the implementation of key technology components eg. Cloud, RPA, AI/ML of the digital transformation, we help you develop the business roadmap, KPI measures and tangible benefits of these technologies. Teh services range from overall roadmap to specifics in marketing, operations and customer experience 
  •  Bridge (TelcoIT&ENT) : Telcos are focusing on rolling out intelligent communications (Private LTE, MEC, 5G, SD-WAN). We consult with Telcos and IT Service Providers to help them build industry specific solutions and services jointly in the 5G related areas.

Product lines

BSS OSS IT Networks

  • Customer Experience management tools : Interactive Bill presentment, analytics of the customer transaction details, personalized campaign management and lead management
  • Cloud based Contact Center solution : Easy to implement and configure solution which can bring down the maintenance cost and improve the 'go-to-market' timelines significantly
  • IoT and Data Center NOC tools : Proactive monitoring tools for  IoT sensor based devices, data center equipment and AI based self-healing corrective actions, tower management tools
  • Development and Application Outsourcing : Support for development outsourcing activities for mobile apps, Telco IT solutions and AI/ML related  solutions

SME/Start-up Growth Strategies

IT Telecom consulting

  • Advisors to Start-ups companies for product/technology architecture , devops implementation, Market and regional 'go-to-market' strategies, HR and talent development
  • Joint Go-to-market Partnership with mid sized companies for their products or development capabilities

What we offer


Digitizing your business

  • Develop a Digital transformation roadmap suitable for the business objectives
  • Consult with the IT management team to re-organise, re-skill and hire staff to adopt Digital technologies
  • Assist the business CXOs and CIO to evaluate and implement the tools/products required to become a Digitally enabled company
  • Implement Internet of things (IoT), RPA (robotic process automation), Analytics, Migration to Cloud adoption strategies


IT consulting and advisory services

  • Develop multi-year IT strategy and roadmap
  • Link them to technology and business key performance indicators
  • Convert the IT strategy to implementable projects
  • Help in selecting and evaluating appropriate products 
  • Develop Cloud migration and sun-setting of Legacy application strategy
  • Govern and monitor the performance of the IT projects and costs


Work with product vendors and start-ups

  • We are constantly evaluating and working with innovative solution providers and start-ups in order to identify the cutting edge technologies required to 'Digitize your business'
  • We mentor and provide guidance to start-ups and VCs on their products, technology and scaling of their business.  eg,